Taxes Included 

Green Fees*
(7 Days a week)

18 $36.28 $4.72 $42.00
9 $23.89 $3.11 $25.00
(after 5:30pm)
$22.12 $2.88 $25.00

Carts **

18 $15.92 $2.05 $18.00
9 $10.62 $1.38 $12.00

Power Carts
(if optional)

18 $36.00 $4.68 $40.68
9 $22.00 $2.86 $24.86

Pull Carts

  $4.62 $0.58 $5.00

Club Rentals

Cobra 12-piece set $26.55 $3.45 $30.00
  Prostaff 11-piece set $13.27 $1.73 $15.00


* Tournament minimum of 32 players
** Tournament cart rate is per person based on full participation (everyone must ride)
"Prices are subject to change"


Tournament Bonus

  • Manderley will donate a Season's Pass to the Tournament Prize Table for Tournaments with over 135 golfers.  
  • Options are available to purchase the Season Pass if your event is less than the 135 players at a discounted rate dependant on the number of players.
  • Manderley will donate green fee passes equivalent to $1 per player for Tournaments less than 135 golfers.


  • Manderley has a fully stocked Pro Shop to fulfill all of your golfing needs.
  • Manderley offers a 20% discount to any tournament purchasing prizes from the pro shop.


  • For your convenience, the GREENHOUSE is Manderley's refreshment facility located at the practice range, and beside our North and Central 1 Teebox.
  • Our Beverage Carts are regularly driving around the course during your event as well.
  • Our Lower Bar & Golfers Lounge at the Club House is fully licensed and includes an Upper & Lower Outdoor Patio Area.
  • Our BBQ station is located right outside the main doors and can provide your Tournament with a fantastic BBQ lunch before heading out to the golf course.
  • Manderley also offers an excellent banquet facility to suit all your dining needs.



Andrew Robertson

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